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Sleepy Hollow Middle School
210 N. Broadway
Sleepy Hollow, NY 1059
School Hours 7:45 - 3:00
Main Office 332-6275
School Nurse 332-6217

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Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Middle School!

Sleepy Hollow Middle School is the only middle school in the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns. In our  6-8 middle school, we serve a diverse group of students and provide them with a safe, supportive and nurturing environment that fosters the social, emotional and academic growth of each child.   Our curriculum is designed to enrich and support all students and our dedicated staff is committed to providing a rigorous and engaging educational experience while maintaining extremely high standards for student learning.

Sleepy Hollow Middle School takes pride in offering a wide range of academic and extra curricular activities designed to engage and challenge all learners. In addition, our comprehensive program in the arts provides students with rich experiences in exploratory music, Arts education, band, chorus and orchestra in grades 6-8. Our team approach provides a personalized learning environment to ensure that teachers know our students well and that every student has frequent and meaningful interactions with teachers.  Interdisciplinary projects, team trips, and team community service projects foster the spirit of community prevalent in the middle school.

To continue to learn more about Sleepy Hollow Middle School, please feel free to navigate our website as often as you wish or stop in to the middle school office. We encourage all community members to learn more about our innovative programs and initiatives as they expand and grow throughout the 2013-14 school year.


Elizabeth Lopez

Contacting the Sleepy Hollow Middle School Staff


Main Office                                332-6275

Principal                                    332-6275

Attendance Officer                     332-6276

School Counselor                       332-6279

School Counselor                       332-6277

School Psychologist                  332-6218

School Social Worker                 332-6278

School Nurse                             332-6217


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