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Mr. Jason Choi

Department Chair

Science, by its nature, is an open-ended and exploratory process.  The science teachers at Sleepy Hollow believe that people are inquisitive, and so, we strive to foster an environment in which our students are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers.  We facilitate this endeavor by providing safe, effective, hands-on opportunities for our students to apply a rational and systematic method to refine their skills of observation, analyses of data, and critical thinking processes.  We use a wide range of techniques and resources such as demonstrations, hands-on activities, scientific literature, guest presenters, outdoor experiences, and emergent technologies to engage our students and challenge their understanding of the world around them.  A primary purpose of the science department is to have our students ask, not only the mundane questions, such as “what, when, and where,” but rather the more intriguing and revealing ones, such as “why, why not, and how?”

Science is a continual, interactive process.  Our students are asked to organize and articulate their thoughts so that the inquiry process may be shared with others.  Science is not an isolated sphere of study but an integral part of the overall educational experience.  Moreover, scientific pursuits and discoveries have had, and will continue to have, significant ramifications for humanity.  Collaborating and sharing scientific ideas and understandings with others accelerate and amplify the learning process for all involved.  The science teachers serve as role-models by participating in professional development opportunities and by continuing to examine and ameliorate our lessons based on researched best practices.  Our students are encouraged and challenged to make connections, not only to other science concepts, but also to the other academic content areas.  

 “The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.”