• What is Academic Intervention Services (AIS)?

    • AIS is additional instruction which supplements the instruction provided in the general curriculum

    • Assists students in meeting the State learning standards… and/or student support services which may include guidance, counseling, attendance, study skills which are needed to support improved student performance…

    • Academic intervention services are intended to assist students who are at risk of not achieving the State learning standards in English language arts, mathematics, social studies and/or science, or who are at risk of not gaining the knowledge and skills needed to meet or exceed designated performance levels on State assessments.

    • Academic intervention services shall be made available to students with disabilities on the same basis as non-disabled students, provided, however, that such services shall be provided to the extent consistent with the individualized education program developed for such student …”

    What is Response to Intervention?

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is a systematic teaching and data collection process designed to monitor a student’s progress and response to research based interventions. In an RTI model, a student with academic delays is given one or more interventions. The student’s academic progress and/or behaviors are measured on a periodic basis using consistent measures. RTI is based on a three tiered system.  TIER I is a universal program for all students with a differentiated curriculum and instructional approach designed to prevent academic failure   Support is provided for the student in his or her classroom. TIER II are  program supports can be individualized and matched to student’s specific academic or behavioral difficulties.   Support can be provided in and outside the classroom. TIER III is most intensive program are reserved for students with severe and chronic academic or behavioral problems that have not responded to Tier I and Tier II supports.  Support is given in a smaller class size.

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