• The purpose of the SHHS Virtual Learning Schedule is to help students establish a daily routine to aid in their distance learning experience, and reduce conflicting instructional times. To maintain consistency, classes are organized in conjunction with the block schedule. Please note that although class times are listed in one hour blocks, they will vary in instructional time, and range from posted lessons, live streams, pre-recorded lessons, and google meets. Each day will begin with mindfulness and is open to all students. Students can access the link to the mindfulness classes directly from the schedule. Also note that teacher office hours are listed at the end of the day; however, their hours vary. Students should consult their teacher’s google classroom for specific days and times for office hours.  

    SHHS Virtual Learning Schedule (Click here for active link for Google Meets)

    SHHS Virtual Homework Center Schedule(Click here for active link for Google Meets)


    SHHS Virtual Learning Schedule

    Virtual HW Center Schedule