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Instructional Technology Overview

The Public Schools of the Tarrytowns remain committed to furthering the development of 21st century skills in and among all learners. Our response to this is evidenced by the immediate pivot to 1:1 learning via the use of district-wide Chromebooks for every learner. Our learning platforms reflect the individualized needs of our learners and support a personalized learning environment that is reliable, effective, legal and evolutionary. Our core technology principles are: 

  • A commitment to adjusting with changing technology as central to how we operate;
  • Establishing, maintaining, and promoting a culture where Information Literacy is central to students' learning experiences in all subject areas;
  • Infuse the use of digital media to support literacy in the classroom;
  • Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility for all teachers and students to be critical consumers of information;
  • Support parents in how to navigate the use of technology with their children

Click on the link for New York State Education Department Technology Education:

NYSED Technology Education

Technology Infrastructure

technology infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure is critical to the maintenance of learning, district & instructional operations and managing platforms intended to support and impact student learning. The Public Schools of the Tarrytowns works collaboratively within schools and across the district to ensure good stewardship of technology that focuses on four distinct pillars:

  1. Compliance – meeting all district, local, state, and national reporting metrics;
  2. Effective Use of Systems – through appropriate, leveled professional development we will build capacity across all users for efficiency;
  3. Analysis of Reports – aggregate level data and individualized report disaggregated by the appropriate subgroups are embedded across all district practices to guide direction and focus supports;
  4. Translating and Turnkeying to Families & Community – the district remains committed to stakeholder & full community voice and choice, including students as owners of all appropriate levels of data.