• Art

    The Middle School Art Program underscores the significance of visual art as a language of meaning, thus helping the middle school student develop visual literacy awareness which is essential for attaining 21st century skills. Focusing on the artist’s use of line, shape, color, texture, and form, students learn that each of these elements can suggest and communicate concepts and stories.  Working in two and three dimensions, students are introduced to a variety of techniques and materials.  They gain hands on experience in art skills and learn how to infuse meaning into their own work.  Learning the basics through scientific observation, students learn how to create imagery that is accurate and believable.  Considering the role of math and science in rendering the illusion of space as well as in duplicating believable figures and forms in proportion, students will appreciate art rendering as a process that incorporates all knowledge.  Learning that visual art is the product of a sociopolitical context, students will appreciate the cultural and historic importance of various art objects and masterpieces. Students also learn how to verbally articulate what they have learned through discussion, written response and self-reflections.


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