0310 School Board Operational Procedures 0330 Certified Staff 

    0320 Superintendent 0340 Non-Certified Staff 

    0330 Certified Staff

    0340 Non-Certified Staff



    0100 Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination 

    0100R Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Regulation 

    0110 Sexual Harassment 

    0110R Sexual Harassment Regulations 

    0115 Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention 

    0115R Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention Regulations 

    1000 General Statement 

    1105 Access to School Procedures and Materials 

    1200 Communications with the Public 

    1205 Fund-raising Activities by Student Organizations, EPTA, PTSA, SEPTA, and/or Booster 


    1205R Fund-raising Activities by Student Organizations, EPTA, PTSA, SEPTA, and/or Booster 

    groups Regulations 

    1210 Citizens Advisory Committee/Task Force 

    1230 Public Participation at Board Meetings 

    1300 Responsibilities of School Employees 

    1400 Complaints Regarding School Personnel/Programs/Materials/Services 

    1500 Public Use of School Facilities 

    1500R Public Use of School Facilities Regulations 

    1510 Use of District Internet Site 

    1510R Use of District Internet Site Regulations 

    1530 Smoke-Free Environment 

    1600 Independence of Local School Government Names 

    1610 Cooperation between Local School Government and Other Local Government 

    1620 Relationship of the School Board to State and Local Government 

    1620.1 Review of Extent of Local Control 

    1700 Relationships with Other Public, Private and/or Governmental Agencies and 

    Education-related Associations 

    1740 Relationship with Nonpublic Schools

    1740R Relationship with Nonpublic Schools Regulations 

    1900 Title I Parent Involvement 

    1900R Title I Parent Involvement Regulations 

    1925  Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents

    1926  Use of Service Animals

    1926R Use of Service Animals Regulations

    7500 Naming School Properties and Establishing Memorials 


    PART II – 





    2110 Powers and Duties of the Board of Education 

    2111 Limitations of individual Board Members 

    2120 Election of the Board of Education 

    2120.2 Annual School District meeting, Method of Voting & Designation of Election Districts 

    2120.3 Annual School District Election 

    2120.4 Notice of Annual Meeting/Petitions Presented to Voters 

    2120.5 Procedures for Annual Meeting 

    2120.6 Qualifications of Voters 

    2120.7 Personal Registration of Voters and Eligibility to Vote 

    2120.8 Use of Absentee Ballots – Election of Board Members 

    2120.9 Appointment of Registrars and Inspectors of Election 

    2120.10 Procedural Guidelines for Voting 

    2120.11 Power of the Board of Education to call Special District Meeting 

    2160 School District Officer & Employee Code of Ethics

    2160.1 Tutoring for Pay

    2170 Conflict of Interest 

    2210 Annual Organization Meeting 

    2210.1 Agenda for the Annual Organization meeting 

    2240 Board-Superintendent Relationship 

    2250 & 2250.1 Committees: Standing and Ad Hoc Task Force 

    2310 Regular Meetings 

    2320 Special Meetings – Call, Notice and Agenda 

    2341 Regular Meeting – Order of Business 

    2341.1 Meetings on Instructional Programs 

    2342 Regular Meetings - Development of Agenda

    2342.1 Regular Meetings - Notice of Meeting and Distribution of Agenda

    2351 Quorum for Meetings and Adjournment of Meetings

    2352 Citizen Participation at Board of Education Meetings

    2382 Taping of Meetings and Access to Tape Recordings

    2405 Policies as law 

    2406/2410 Polices: Formulation, Adoption and Amendment 

    2510 Orientation of new Board members 

    2550 Renumeration of School Board members 



    4122 Comprehensive Attendance Policy 

    4231 Organizations: Student Government 

    4232 Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Activities: Secret Societies 

    4240 Raising and Management of Student Funds through Extra-classroom Activities 

    4240R Extra Classroom Activities Fund Management Regulation 

    4241 Raising and Management of Student Funds: Operation of School Stores 

    4250 Athletics – Intramural and Interscholastic Programs 

    4260 School-sponsored Activities: Supervision of and Admission to 

    4270 School Publications and Distribution of Literature 

    4280 Student Production of Goods/provision of Services 

    4290 Gifts toSchool Personnel 

    4310 Accident/Illness 

    4311 Display of the Flag

    4311R Display of the Flag Regulations

    4321 Programs for Students with Disabilities Under the IDEA and New York’s      

              Education Law  Article 89

    4321.1 Provision of Special Education Services in the Least Restrictive Environment

    4321.2 School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Interventions 

    4321.4  Independent Educational Evaluations for Preschool and School Aged Students with Disabilities

    4321.4R Independent Educational Evaluations for Preschool and School Aged Students with Disabilities Regulations

    4321.6 Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities

    4321.7 District wide and Statewide Assessments of Students with Disabilities

    4321.11  Public Report on Revisions to District Policies, Practices, and Procedures Upon a Finding of Significant Disproportionality

    4321.14 Special Education Personnel

    4321.19 Declassification of Students with Disabilities

    4326 Program for English Language Learners

    4330 Student Insurance 

    4340 Physical Examinations/immunizations 

    4350 Contagious Communicable Diseases and other Infectious Conditions 

    4360 Child Abuse in an Educational Setting 

    4361 Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting 

    4361R Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting Regulation 

    4410.1 Instructional grouping of Elementary Students 

    4510 District Philosophy on Special Education Programs 

    4520 Appointment of Impartial Hearing Officer 

    4526 Computer Network and Technology Acceptable Use Policy

    4526R Computer Network and Technology Acceptable Use Regulations 

    4526.1 Internet Safety

    4526.1R Internet Safety Regulations

    4531 Field Trips & Excursions

    4600 Provision of Individual Education on Professional Staff 

    4750 Promotion and Retention of Students

    4770 Graduation Requirements 

    4770.1 Graduation Requirements: Students with Disabilities 

    4830 Assemblies 

    4850 Animals in the Schools



    5135 Postgraduate Students 

    5136 Veteran Students 

    5140 Age of Entrance/grade Placement upon Entrance 

    5151 Education of Students in Temporary Housing

    5152 Admittance of Non-resident Students 

    5152.1 Home/hospital/institution Instruction 

    5153 Student Distribution among Buildings 

    5153.1 Involuntary Transfer of Students 

    5160 Notification of Student Absences 

    5170 Attendance Records 

    5180 Attendance and Excuses: Early dismissal at Sleepy Hollow Middle/High School 

    5181 Behavior: Leaving School Property 

    5182 Attendance & Excuses/release time for Religious Observance and Education 

    5241 Student Group Participation in Public Performance or Events 

    5242 Senior Citizen Admission to School Functions and Events 

    5251 Fund Soliciting 

    5254 School rings 

    5280 Concussion Management

    5300 Rights and Responsibilities ofStudents 

    5301 Behavior – General Statement 

    5305 Academic eligibility policy 

    5311 Student Expression 

    5311.1 Pledge of Allegiance and Salute to the American Flag 

    5311.2 Grievances and Appeals 

    5312.1 Use/Abuse of Chemical Substances 

    5313.1 Behavior: Detention 

    5313.3 Behavior: Suspension (in-school/our of school) 

    5314 Behavior: Use of Physical Force (corporal punishment) 

    5320 Behavior: Student Conduct on a School District Bus  

    5330.1.1 Police on Campus & in Schools during School Hours  

    5405 Wellness Policy 

    5405R Wellness Policy Regulations 

    5420  Student Health Services

    5420R Student Health Services Regulations

    5420.1 Student Medication 

    5420.2 Asthma Action 

    5450.1 Notification of Sex Offenders 

    5453 Behavior: Student use of bicycles on School property 

    5454 Behavior: Student use of motor vehicles on School property 

    5500 Student Directory Information 

    5550 Student Privacy

    5615 Adult students 

    5680 Fees 

    5800 Commendations/Awards at Sleepy Hollow Middle/High School 



    6240 Investments 

    6300 Local obligations 

    6400 Depository of Funds 

    6410 Authorized Signature 

    6415 Wire Transfers 

    6440 Bonded Employees 

    6600 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 

    6610 Fund Balance 

    6610R Fund Balance Regulations

    6640 Inventories 

    6650 Internal Claims Auditor 

    6700 Purchasing 

    6700R Purchasing Regulations 

    6800 Payroll Procedures 

    6830 Expense Reimbursement 

    6830R Expense Reimbursement Regulations 



    8100 School District Security 

    8210 Communication with the public – public conduct on school property 

    8330 Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment 

    8334 Use of Credit Cards 

    8414.5 Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing  

    8414.5R Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Regulations

    8420 Opioid Overdose Prevention

    8420R Opioid Overdose Prevention Regulations

    8505 Meal Charge and Prohibition Against Meal Shaming 

    8635 Protecting Personal Identifying Information and Notification of Security Breach 

    8635R Protecting Personal Identifying Information and Notification of Security Breach 



    PART IX – 



    9010.2/5021.1 Employee/student harassment 

    9020 Conditional or emergency appointments 

    9170 Meals and Refreshmen