Technology Department



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Jessica Kingsbury

Director of Technology, Data Protection Officer & Chief Information Officer

Jean O'Brien
Technology Integration Specialist


Joe DeRose
Technical Support Specialist


Laurita Andrade
Data Analyst


Elizabeth Galeotafiore
Senior Office Assistant


Our Mission and Vision

  • The mission of the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns is to empower students to make informed choices and assume responsibility for their own actions as they become self-directed, lifelong learners who are committed and able contributors to a sustainable local and global society. In partnership with our diverse community, we promote continuous growth through active engagement in a personalized learning environment characterized by high expectations and academic rigor in a climate of collaboration and mutual respect. 


    Our vision is that students will develop the 21st century skills they need to succeed in a global society. To achieve this, we will build and support a personalized learning environment that is reliable, effective, legal and evolutionary. We will

    • Commit to using technology and understand it is central to how we operate

    • Establish, maintain, and promote a culture where Information Literacy is central to students' learning experiences in all core subject areas

    • Infuse the use of digital media to support literacy in the classroom

    • Actively support lifelong learners at all levels within the educational community

    • Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility for all teachers and students to be critical consumers of information
      Technology is an integral tool in meeting our teaching and learning expectations as a school community and its use must be integrated district-wide