Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Elizaul Diaz

Supervisor of Transportation

Ms. Diana Cox

Ms. Loly Rodriguez
Office Assistant

Ms. Dana Rodriguez
Head Bus Driver

  • The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide a safe and economical transportation system for District students, and to adapt the system to the demands of the instructional program. If you have any questions regarding bus routes or transportation information please contact the transportation office at 914-631-3663

    Eligibility for Transportation

    Eligibility for transportation is based on mileage. This distance is measured from the legal residence of a child to his/her school of attendance.  Students are eligible for transportation if they meet the following mileage requirements:

    • Grades PreK-5:  3/10th of a mile or greater
    • Grades 6-8:       8/10th of a mile or greater
    • Grades 9-12:     2 miles or greater

    Mileage shall be measured from the nearest roadway closest to the center point of the student’s parcel to the center of the driveway (bus loop) in front of the building entrance of the school of attendance. The distance from the roadway to the center of the parcel is not included in the measurement. The measurement is based on the shortest route between home and school in either direction, either walking or driving. A property extending into an eligibility zone shall be eligible for transportation.

    Transportation for students new to the District will be established once the student is registered. It takes 3-5 days for transportation to be finalized. Parents will be contacted by a representative from the Transportation Department once busing is assigned. 

    School bus routes will be reviewed and established annually. Busing information for students will be available in Home Access for Parents by the third week of August, preceding the beginning of the next school year.

    Transportation to Private and Parochial Schools

    Eligibility for Transportation to Private/Parochial Schools is in accordance with the School District policy and can be found under the eligibility section of this page. For students who are new to the District and require transportation, please complete and return a Transportation Request Form within 30 days of establishing residency. Request forms must also be completed and returned annually for continued transportation. In compliance with New York State Education Law § 3635, complete and return the request by April 1st, preceding the beginning of the next school year. If the school of attendance has yet to be determined, please fill out one form for each possible school. The Transportation Department must be notified of the final school choice by July 1st, preceding the beginning of the next school year. 

    Private and Parochial School Request Form

    At the Bus Stop

    Parents of children in grades K-2 must be present to receive their child at the bus stop. If a parent is unable to meet his/her child, then the Transportation Department should have the name of an authorized adult who may receive the child from the bus. This adult may be asked for identification for the safety of students. 

    Students must be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the designated pick up time. Schools buses are authorized to pick up students within 5 minutes before the assigned pick up time. The bus driver is not authorized to sound the horn in order to alert parents and students of the bus’ arrival. Students should stand away from the road in an orderly manner and only move to board the bus once the bus has stopped completely and has red lights and stop signs displayed to stop traffic.

    If students must cross the street to get on or off the bus, they must follow the driver’s safe crossing instructions. Students should look both ways before exiting the bus at the last step.  They should walk far enough out in front of the bus that they can see the driver (10 feet). They must wait until the driver tells them it is safe to cross by displaying the universal crossing signal. It is important to always follow the school bus driver’s directions when crossing. Parents or guardians at the bus stop must also cross the street following the bus driver’s signal and the safe crossing procedures.

    Bus stops are generally established at central pickup points to pick up multiple students, usually at intersecting streets. Buses will not drive down dead end or loop streets. Door to door bus service will not be permitted unless approved by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Committee on Special Education. Safety concerns regarding the placement of bus stops should be sent to the Transportation Department in writing. 


    Transportation to and from Child Care

    The District will provide transportation to any child attending Grades K-8 grade between the child’s school and before and/or after-school child care locations in accordance with the District’s transportation mileage limitations. Child care location shall mean a place, other than the student’s home, where care for less than 24 hours a day is provided on a regular basis for a student who attends school within the District, provided that such place is situated within the District. This includes a variety of child care services such as day care centers, family day care homes and in-home care by non-relatives.

    Transportation to/from child care centers and school age child care programs licensed or registered pursuant to New York State Social Services law § 390 shall be provided anywhere within the boundaries of the District. However, transportation to/from all other child care locations shall be limited to those within the student’s attendance zone. 

    All child care transportation requests shall be made in writing and received by the Transportation Department no later than August 15th preceding the beginning of the next school year. If a student moves into the District later than August 15th, the request should be received within 30 days of establishing residency in the District.

    If there is a need to change a child care location during the school year, a written request must be submitted to the District at least five days before the requested change. Bus changes may not be made on a daily basis. The District will accommodate such requests in accordance with the law and this policy provided that: a route in the area exists; space is available on the bus; the District incurs no additional cost as a result of the change. 

    School Bus Rider Conduct

    Parents and guardians play a vital role in the safe operation of the Transportation Department in many ways. Parents should be aware of and reinforce the following safety messages with their children:

    • Explain the importance of good behavior on the bus – students should not stand while the bus is in motion, eat or drink on the bus and generally should use quiet voices on the school bus. 
    • Students may not fight, smoke, or throw objects around or out of the school bus.  Students should observe the same behavior on the bus as they would in the classroom.
    • Students should follow the directives of the school bus driver. 
    • Students may only board their assigned bus and get on and off at their assigned bus stop. If a student misses their stop they should inform the driver so the driver can return to their stop. 
    • Students should not board the school bus with large items. Large school projects, packages or large instruments should be transported to school by parents. 
    • Objects should be secured safely in a back pack so students do not drop any items while loading or unloading from the school bus. 
    • Students are encouraged to wear their lap belts on the school bus.
    • The school bus driver is authorized to assign seats if warranted.
    • Riding the school bus is a privilege. There are consequences for unsafe and inappropriate behavior on the bus. Everyone is entitled to a safe and pleasant ride on the school bus.


    Common Transportation Questions and Answers


    Q. What should I do if my child’s bus is running late?

    A. Buses may run late for a number of reasons. If the bus is running late by 10 minutes or more please contact the Transportation Department at (914) 631-3663.

    Q. What should I do if my child missed the bus?

    A. Students must be at the AM bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time and must be present at the bus stop when the bus gets there. If your child missed the bus because they were not at the bus stop on time the bus will not come back and you will be responsible to transport your child to school. If the bus did not arrive for pick up, please contact the Transportation Department at (914) 631-3663.