• Health and Wellness

    Wellness Committee 

    Sleepy Hollow has recently created a wellness committee that is dedicated to the health and well-being of students and staff.  The committee consists of a dedicated group of teachers, administrators, nurses, parents, students, and food service representatives district wide.  We are committed to assessing our school health environment, programs, and policies, and identifying ways to strengthen these areas to improve the overall health of students and staff.  

    We have three goals: to implement sustainable policy and practice changes that improve healthful eating and increase opportunities for physical activity school wide, to find new and exciting ways to create the awareness of health, nutrition, and fitness in our school district, and to encourage students, staff, and community members to be more involved in creating a healthier school environment.  The wellness committee is teaming up with a representative from Healthy Schools NY, a grant-funded program through NYSDOH that will assist Sleepy Hollow to reach its intended goals.  

    Wellness Facilitator

    Michael Arias - marias@tufsd.org