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Portrait of a Learner

TUFSD Mission Statement

Empower students to make informed choices and assume responsibility for their actions as they become self-directed, life-long learners, committed, and able contributors to a sustainable local and global society. In partnership with our diverse community, we promote continuous growth through active engagement in a  personalized learning environment characterized by high expectations and academic rigor in a climate of collaboration and mutual respect.

portrait of a learner

An extensive review of existing district systems to determine how each is focused and aligned with the mission to prepare each TUFSD student for life,  learning, and work beyond school. 

Recommendations on improving those outcomes going forward.


District staff and stakeholders:

  • Worked to define the skills and dispositions desired for all students and the instructional conditions most likely to support them.

  • Explored the alignment and future potential of 7 critical district systems to support these outcomes.

  • Made recommendations on the most critical systems enhancements needed to improve student achievement.

Foundational Concepts

Foundational Concepts include Instruction for Deep Learning, Goals for Learning, Resource Deployment, Leadership Focus, Assessment and Management, Policy and Regulation, and Community Engagement

Portrait of a Learner - Essential Skills & Dispositions


Executive Functioning
Critical Thinking


Socio-cultural Competence
Civic Mindedness

Priority Strategic Actions: 

  1. Refine and connect the critical goal-setting, curriculum, and  professional learning systems so there is alignment with and focus on the key learning goals of the district (Portrait of a Learner) 

  2. Create and deliver effective and timely communications to all stakeholders to support meaningful partnerships for inclusivity, achievement, and continuous student growth.

Create an aligned assessment infrastructure to guide all TUFSD students through their journey to acquire the newly defined Portrait of a Learner.

Our Vision of Deep Learning

  • Personal interest and intrinsic motivation 
  • Hands-on, experiential learning processes 
  • Positive attitude and success orientation
  • Mentorship, modeling, inspiration, and instructional support 
  • Accurate, timely, and supportive communication and feedback
  • Adequate resources to support learning 
  • Supportive, safe, culturally relevant, and encouraging learning environment