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Middle School Plants 1000+ Daffodils

The front entrance of Sleepy Hollow Middle School gained over 1000 new daffodil flowers after a planting Thursday November 29th. Middle School science teachers Mr. Garguilo and Mr. Patierno collaborated with Westover Landscape Design to make this happen. 
Mr. Garguilo said Thursday, "Westover Landscape Design has been donating daffodils to the school for well over five years. They not only donate the flowers but also their time, energy, and expertise. A crew of over five landscapers come to work with the students. It truly is an impressive display of community support. They have our deepest appreciation" 
The flower planting corresponds with the Living Environment curriculum being taught in 7th and 8th grade at the Middle School. The students learn to be better stewards and protectors of the planet while also learning the science behind ecological/biological processes such as photosynthesis, ecological succession, and respiration to name a few. The science teachers feel giving the students an opportunity to directly impact the environment during instructional units increases the overall educational experience.
While the students are planting, Mr. Garguilo is heard quoting Dr. Suess in saying, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not."

Spring time will show the efforts of students, staff, and the community in the front of Sleepy Hollow Middle School. The pop of yellow, white, and orange flowers will signal the coming end of the school year and the blooming of scientific knowledge at SHMS. The teachers of SHMS hope these experiences will translate to a long-term caring for community and nature.

A special thank you to Westover Landscape Design and Tom Dickason for the project support/donation.