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Hitting All the Right Notes

“The pictures match the beat of the music.” This is how Mia Jgarkava described what she heard and

Observed January 14 during her Exploratory Music class. 

The eighth-graders watched commercials and portions of podcasts paying special attention to the musical tracks underneath. They also met the musician who created the scores, Composer and Music Producer, Andrew Linn.

 “The music is what really guides you emotionally and that is what I love doing,” said Linn. While working on a project he asks himself, “How is this supposed to make me feel and how can I guide the room through what is happening on the screen?”. 

Linn’s work includes commercials, like a New Balance advertisement he showed students, podcasts and documentaries. 

He is a classically trained trumpet player and found his strength in composing. He wants Sleepy Hollow students to be their own knowledge seekers. “You can learn a lot by searching on YouTube. Listen to others, get a sense of what is in the world and then use your musical training.”

 Linn earned a Master of Jazz Studies at the University of Northern Colorado also teaches middle school students in the New York City area.

 Exploratory Music Instructor Lisa DiNome welcomed Linn into her class, “It is important for students to see musicians working in the industry. He is a role model.”  Her students will be creating their own music for commercials and movies in class and can find inspiration from this lesson. 

 Linn also offered his expertise to the Sleepy Hollow High School Music Production Technology Class.