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SHMS Participates in the Meditation Lab


Thanks to a generous grant from the Foundation, SHMS students and teachers were treated to a session of mindfulness.  

The Meditation Lab was founded in 2016 by longtime yoga teacher and mother of six, Jennifer Monness. As a parent to middle school, high school, and college-age children, she was all too familiar with the overwhelming pressure students feel to achieve in their lives. A certified yoga and meditation instructor, Jen has first-hand experience with the powerful impact yoga and mindfulness can have on building inner resilience to navigate physical, mental, and emotional stress.  

Our session began with an introduction, followed by simple stretches to warm the body and quiet the mind, a guided relaxation, a unique meditation with a specific focus, and finally a  question/answer period. Simple and practical ways to incorporate two minute “mindfulness moments” were shared.

Med Lab 1