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Sixth- & Seventh-Grade Students Celebrate Pi Day

APRIL FOOLS! Postponed from its traditional date of March 14, on Monday, April 1, students in Ms. Yepes’, Ms. Connell’s, Ms. Albukerk’s, and Ms. Rodrigues’ math classes celebrated everyone’s favorite irrational number, π.  To celebrate this event, students measured to derive the value of pi as accurately as possible by calculating the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of several circles. After, calculating the averages of these ratios, students calculated the percent error of their measurements. Students created π pictures and competed in a contest to memorize the digits of pi. Congratulations to the many winners of our contest and all of our participants!  Ms. Yepes, Ms. Connell, Ms. Albukerk, & Ms. Rodrigues are very proud of all of you!