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This collection of audio recordings by the Sleepy Hollow Middle School Orchestras and the Sleepy Hollow High School Orchestra, represent the hard work and determination of our Sleepy Hollow music students!  Rehearsing synchronously with remote and hybrid students has been extremely challenging, but the Orchestra students of Sleepy Hollow have shown that they will not be held back by this Pandemic!  Under the direction of Mrs. Brittney Concia (formerly Trenczer), the string students in both the Middle and High School have risen to the occasion!  Thank you to the Sleepy Hollow Performing Arts Boosters who funded the creation of these recordings involving the High School and Middle School Orchestras. The string players of both schools submitted individual audio files and Eric Dalton from Eric Dalton Productions put the recordings together.   Lastly, thank you to the publishers for granting us permission to record these pieces.  Bravo Sleepy Hollow!
SHHS Orchestra:
SHMS 6/7/8 Orchestra

Primrose Hill by A. Silva This Is Me by Pasek/Paul/Kazik

SHMS 6th grade Orchestra