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Teaching Poetry

During the month of April Ms. Martinez’ 8th grade English Language Learners explored poetry for social justice. The class read poems by Alma Flor Ada, George Ella Lyon,  Linda Christensen, and Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton. Students learned that poetry can be playful, that it can include everyday language, and it can celebrate and reflect their own roots, their family members, their ancestors, and their communities. Students began to write their own versions of the poem “Where I’m From” and while building their confidence with writing they realized the power of their words and how they can influence others. Additionally, students took on the challenge of making their words come alive by creating videos using WeVideo, Google Slides, and Animoto. In the words of Roque Dalton, “I believe the world is beautiful and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone.” To that end, enjoy our students’ roots and cultures by clicking on the links below.


Madin's Google Slide

Elina's Google Slide

Abril's Animoto

Yoel's Animoto

Wilfre's Animoto

Mathias's Animoto

Faby's Google Doc.

Xio's Google Doc.

Dariel's Google Doc.

William's Animoto

Franklin's Google Doc.

Anna's Google Doc.