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Rho Kappa: Class of 2017-2018

11th and 12th grade students with an 85 average were invited to apply to Rho Kappa - The Social Studies National Honor Society.  Letters were distributed in social studies classes on February 16th and 17th; applications were due on March 3rd.  Acceptance letters will be distributed in school on March 22nd and March 23rd.  Look for more information to come regarding the Induction on April 3rd.

Congratulations to our 80 new inductees to Rho Kappa.  The ceremony was held on March 21st in the Don Kusel Auditorium.  The theme was "Your Role in History Starts Today."  We  featured an interview with Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti (posted below) and an original spoken word by Francis Pace-Nunez.  Both the interview and the spoken word highlighted the 4 principles of Rho Kappa: Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Service.

Special acknowledgement goes to President Liam O'Sullivan and his committee for making this entire process a success.

In addition, Vice President Vanessa Onwe and her committee hosted a Black History Jeopardy at Washington Irving.  The Rho Kappa students developed study guides and a Powerpoint which were used during their two "teaching" days with the students.  The competition was held on the 3rd visit.  The winners enjoyed a pizza lunch with the high school students.

The Tutoring Committee, under the leadership of Vice President Jackie Maldonado, has been busy offering homework and Regents help to students every Wednesday in the Social Studies Office.  Finally, our Communications Committee led by Vice President Sebastian Kent has been increasing interest in Election 2016: They set up a table for students to learn which candidates they aligned with on the issues (, they registered eligible students to vote, and they ran a school wide primary election (

I look forward to our new inductees joining our Senior members to continue our Rho Kappa projects.  We will be running a second round of Black History Jeopardy for the 4 other 5th grade sections, and we will be developing a Voter's Guide to be used in November.