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Finding Inspiration

“Inspiration can come from your imagination and it will pop up everywhere.” Fifth-grade students at Washington Irving learned that lesson today from author, actor and voice over artist David Neilsen who brought the printed word to life. The Tarrytown resident has written two spooky story books for eight to 12-year-old children entitled, “Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom” and “Beyond the Door”.

He inspired the children to unlock their own creativity. “Ask questions,” he said. “I was inspired by what I saw, it will come from wherever it works in you.”

Neilsen played a game with the students where they looked at photos and had to explain what was happening in them and why. The children used their ingenuity and discovered what stories they could tell.

“Meeting an author from Tarrytown makes this real for the students,” said teacher Abbey Gilligan. “They can say, if he did it, we can do it?”

Fifth-grader Maddie Choi found herself laughing during the presentation. “I like how funny he was, and he gave us a lot of good tips about writing,” Choi said.