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Student Artists:

Third, fourth and fifth-graders from Washington Irving learned about history, mathematics and art while creating the drawings that are on display at the Warner Library.

The students were Inspired by Greek Mythology and Ancient Egypt to create replicas of murals, castles, stained-glass windows and etchings.

Art teacher Susan Barrett’s goal is to provide students with hands-on-approach to learning about different cultures and time periods. The students compare and contrast the ancient period with life today.

Ruby Wild-Arons used a flower shaped stencil, chalk, pencils and pastels to make a replica of a stained-glass window. She learned the concept of symmetry. “It was hard work, said the fourth-grader, “but I am proud of what I did.”

Fifth-grader Olivia Chun drew a three-dimensional castle with a trap door. “We could use ideas that we were given to build our castles or use our imagination to design our own.”

The student art will be displayed in the Children’s Room at the Warner Library until the end of February.