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Sleepy Coffee Sets An Example

Every morning at 10 o’clock, Sleepy Coffee rolls out in front of the main office at Sleepy Hollow High School providing morning refreshments to the entire school.  

Special Education teacher Kim Kaczmarek and her students bake each day and stock the coffee cart with all kinds of snacks for their customers.

Operating this business teaches socialization skills to Kaczmarek’s students who have different abilities, as well as lessons in math and ELA. Students keep stock of the items, work as cashiers and act as servers.

Teaching Assistant Griselda Berenguer and Teacher's Aide Mayra Montero assist the students.

On Thursday, Feb  7, some new customers came by to see how Sleepy Coffee works. The Communication Class and Life Skills Students from Washington Irving will be opening their own business: The Bridge View Shop at WI in the fall. Instead of food, the students are going to sell school supplies to the staff and student body. Sleepy Coffee acts as a model for them to follow.

The Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns funds Sleepy Coffee and is providing a grant to  support to new venture at WI.

“The WI store will facilitate social skills and provide exposure of our students to the entire school community,” said WI Special Education teacher Kelly Campana, who brought the children over for the visit.  

 Kaczmarek knows it is about the relationships that are formed. ”This is what I love most, seeing them interact with each other. This cart has brought everyone together.”

Sleepy Coffee started in the summer of 2016 offering refreshments at the Administration.