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Washington Irving Picture Day

Hello Washington Irving Families,

Photo Days are just around the corner and they will be a little different this year.

First we will be having our Photo Days by Cohort, not by grade level. Cohort A will have their photo taken Monday, October 19 th , Cohort B will have their photo taken Thursday, October 22 nd ,Cohort C will have their photo taken Monday, October, 19th . We are trying to provide the opportunity for every student, 100% Remote or Hybrid, to have their photo taken. Exact timing of the class schedule is still being worked out. We plan on the Remote learning students to be photographed in the morning starting by 8am and the Hybrid students will be photographed a little later in the day. All teachers will be signing up for a time as they have done every other year, the times have yet to be determined and you will be updated once the timing is selected.

The photographer will be set up in the Gym this year so they will not need to walk through the building but will use the back gym entrance. The Remote students will also use this entrance at their call time, again to minimize their need to walk through the building.

As a reminder, before anyone can enter the building, the attestation survey must be completed. We ask you to complete the survey prior to coming to school and be able to show the completed entry form. In addition, temperature screenings will take place upon entry and students will need to wear their mask. The mask will be taken off for their photo.

Parents can wait outside, in their mask, for their student and then return home to continue Remote learning. The Hybrid classes will be photographed in a similar fashion to previous years, classes will be called based on the time the teacher has signed up for. The difference is social distancing will need to be adhered to and there will be no formal class photo. Irvin Simon will be putting together a virtual class photo based on the students individual photos, so no one will have to be closer than 6 feet. Please note, these plans may need to be adjusted to conform with safety protocols.

There will be no paper forms or money to turn in at photo day this year, nothing will need to exchange hands. Instead once the photo s are ready you will receive an email with a code for you to go online and choose what you would like to purchase. My understanding is phone and mail in orders will also be accepted if you choose not to use the online service. Once you place your order your photos will be sent directly to your home.

Lets get some great photos!

Thank you,

Melissa Miller

Your WI Photo Chair