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Washington Irving Students Utilize Technology and Stay Active to Protect the Earth

As we begin a new month, we look back to April and how students in the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns celebrated Earth Day. Fourth graders in Cathleen Caroleo’s and Jamie Stasiuk’s class created Earth Day World Art Poems where they incorporated technology, English Language Arts and physical activity to express their ideas.

Caroleo and Stasiuk used an Earth Day Bitmoji classroom and asked the students questions like, "What room in the house uses the most water?" The children jumped rope if they thought it was the kitchen and hopped on one foot side to side if they thought it was the bathroom. Then, the class discussed ways to conserve water. A Bitmoji Classroom is a fun virtual representation of our classroom for students to use online.

To complete the Earth Day exercise, each student designed a Google Slide where they used what they are learning about poetry and wrote words associated with Earth Day or the environment on the image of the Earth. 

“We incorporate technology into our lessons so students working remotely can fully participate,” said Caroleo. “We also wanted to use a different platform for graphic design and give students choices as they complete their work.” 

Ashley Martinez Mendoza’s slide used the words love, recycle and nature. "What inspired me was that the Earth is good, and we have to do good things to take care of it,” said Ashley.

The words clean and nature are featured prominently on Linus Schillinger’s slide. “ I chose those words because when I think of the earth and look around, I see these wonderful things,” explained Linus.

If you were wondering, more water is used in ….the bathroom.