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W.I. Student Gov't- Letters to Green Berets

At the W.I. February Student Government meeting, student representatives were visited virtually by Dan Rayburn, a former United States Air Force and Air National Guard. Dan spends many hours a month supporting fellow veterans and current Green Berets who are injured in the line of duty.  Students got to learn about what a Green Beret is, what it takes to be in Special Ops as a Green Beret, and they were able to view different gear that Green Beret’s wear. Dan also showed the students some patches that Green Beret soldiers can earn and the meaning behind the symbols. Student Government students were able to ask questions as part of our discussion and then made cards and projects for Green Berets overseas to show our appreciation for their service. They learned what it means to be a true leader in our country and how to give back to our community by showing our deepest appreciation for our men and women who keep our country safe.