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3rd Grade Winn Dixie Day

Third graders at Washington Irving celebrated Winn Dixie Day on Friday February 18th! The day was a culmination of a character study and literary essay unit centered around Kate Dicamillo's novel, Because of Winn Dixie
In order to prepare for the day's big event, students made various projects. Some students designed their own board games or trivia games, others wrote a script and produced their own play. Some third graders made character dioramas, candy creations, and even Bitmoji rooms replicating important settings from the book. 
During Winn Dixie Day, students and teachers completely transformed their classrooms! Some classes replicated Gloria Dump's "Mistake Tree,"decorated with bottles to remind us of mistakes made and lessons learned in life. Others made "wait and see" saplings, symbolic of nurturing oneself to one day "blossom" to our full potential. Students also created "Littmus Lozenges," a candy that is a metaphor for life itself. The children shared sweet/happy, and sour/sad moments they have experienced. 
The day was certainly special and memorable for students and staff alike! Third grade teachers hope that the valuable life lessons and themes in this beautiful novel stay with our students for years to come! 
winn dixie game.   winn dixie game