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Tarrytown Music Hall Visit

Mr. White’s class walked out the front doors into a brilliant sunny and frigid February morning.  The class walked to the entrance of the Tarrytown Music Hall where we were greeted by Bjorn Olsson, the Executive Director.  They paused to admire the Queen Elizabeth architectural details in the brick work and discovered that the building was built in 1885!


Mr. White’s class gathered in the lobby and admired the faux marble plaster blocks that greeted them and entered through the doors to the auditorium.  Sitting in the seats, orchestra section, they admired the murals on the ceilings, the lighted silhouettes, and a single lamp in the middle of the stage.  They learned that over 100,000 people had been entertained, including 25,000 school age children.  Former Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and composer Antonin  Dvorak had spoken and performed in this place.  


Mr. Olsson invited them onto the stage, where a student closed the curtains.  Each of student set their places and were greeted by a smiling group of teachers and parents when the curtain opened.  This was a first for almost everyone!  Students may have sat in the audience, but have never been up on this stage. The students then struck a pose for a photo.


The class was shown how to ring the gong; a tight fist and quick tap. It sounded with authority.  The students were curious about the concert grand piano, but unfortunately, we were not allowed to play this. It is reserved for the entertainers.  


Walking back to W.I., the class couldn’t wait to return to the Music Hall and once again sit in the audience, and perhaps participate in a show in the near future!

Thank you to all of the teachers and parents who accompanied Mr. White’s class and provided this wonderful experience.