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Science Rotation of Fun Experiments!

Four third grade classes participated in a Science rotation of fun experiments! Each day students visited a different teacher in the rotation. Mrs. Malinowski challenged students to make umbrellas out of household items. Once the students collaborated to create the best umbrella, Mrs. Malinowski used a watering can to simulate rain. Whichever umbrellas kept the small items on the tray dry were successful! Groups then reflected on either why they were successful or what they would do differently next time if they were not. Students “rotated” through layers of density with Ms. Leveille.  They used colored water, Karo syrup and vegetable oil to create bottles with three different layers. Using their understanding of density, they were then able to predict which layer various objects would fall. Finally they tested their predictions, discussed their results and closed up their bottles. Ms. Clauss’ crew made things go KABOOM! The students used vinegar, baking soda, tissue paper and a plastic bag to form carbon dioxide inside a ziplock bag. By mixing the vinegar and baking soda together, they learned that this acid based reaction forms the colorless gas of carbon dioxide. By exploring this phenomenon, they tested their theories of what makes the bag expand and then pop. By doing test trials using varied amounts of material, the students were able to conclude that more of each substance made a quicker, louder POP! With Ms. Woods, students were challenged to make it rain… INDOORS! Students used water and shaving cream to simulate a “cloud in a cup.” They then tested how many drops of food coloring it would take for the shaving cream cloud to become too heavy and “burst,” causing it to rain beautiful, multi-colored droplets in their individual atmosphere cups. Learning and fun was had by ALL!