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Who Was…? A Third Grade Biography Unit Mrs. Christine Calvert and Mrs. Robin Suarez

The third grade ICT class recently wrapped up their Biography Unit.  Students began the unit with a shared reading of the chapter book, Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? By Megan Stine. Together as a class, they jotted and shared notes of the major life events in her life.  Students were quickly taken with her humble beginnings as a young Hispanic girl growing up nearby in the Bronx, learning to manage her diabetes at a young age and soon showing her hard-work and determination as she continued her studies while continuing to move up within the law field.  Her message of not being afraid to ask for help and knowing that by working together, we succeed, resonated deeply with all the students as we are working together to come back from our interrupted education.

Students then selected a biography of their choice to independently explore and read.  While students read their book, they took notes and shared with a reading partner.  Using a graphic organizer, students organized their facts and then published their own biography using Book Creator.  Ms. Jean O’Brien visited our class for several days, helping students use this platform effectively to share their discoveries.  Preparing to share with a wider audience is always a thrilling experience for young writers. Click on the image below to read the student's biographies. 

biography unit