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Morse Mural - The Dot

When you exit through the front doors at W.L. Morse and gaze upwards, your eyes focus on a mural filled with multi-colored dots consisting of different designs.  The artwork was created by all the students in the school.

“Every year I start with a mural,” said art teacher Jeannette Dietz. “We all come together and make art. The project fosters team-building and is motivating.”

Dietz got her idea for this mural from the book, “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds. It tells the story of a girl named Vashti who becomes frustrated when she doesn’t know what to draw. Her teacher encourages her to place a dot on a paper and to Vashti’s surprise frames her artwork.

“The story inspires students not to give up and trust in their own creative abilities,” Dietz said.

All first and second-graders at Morse were all given square pieces of paper in art class and drew circles and dots. They used the color associated with the table where they sit.

What inspired Morse students? “I am an artist,” said first-grader Maya Pellegrin. “I think of something new and pop it is there.”