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The Art Of Flamenco:

First grade students from Morse discovered the art of Flamenco Dancing on January 17 as they watched professional Flamenco Dancers and then moved their own arms and legs to the music.

The District’s FLES program provides Spanish foreign language and culture classes to Elementary School students from kindergarten through third grade. The idea is to provide students with a strong base in the Spanish language.

“This is a vibrant way to teach the students,” said Flamenco Instructor Rebecca Thomas. “and it opens up a window into a different culture.” Thomas uses Spanish throughout the lessons.

The Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns provided a grant to bring Flamenco Olé to the school. In addition to this assembly, all first-grade students will receive three Flamenco lessons in class.

During the presentation Thomas, Sol “La Argentinita” and guitarist Rafael Brunn demonstrated many dances including one called “Palmas” where they emphasized the clapping of hands and “Alegrias”, which uses a shawl to express movement.