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Virtual Diversity of Dance

W.L. Morse students will participate in a Virtual Diversity of Dance on June 4th where students will learn about the power of embracing cultural diversity through dance.

The interactive presentation features professional dancers who will present a series of movements from Jamaica, South Korea, Latin America and India and also explore the globalization of hip-hop.

First grade teacher Jenne Mazzarella and music teacher Jeffrey Mizen secured a grant from The Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns to bring the program to the school. The program complements the district-wide efforts of diversity and inclusion.

“The arts are a wonderful venue to show how the world can communicate in a universal language. This presentation, which utilizes dance, highlights one-way cultural diversity is taught to our students,” said Morse Principal Torrance Walley.  “Movement is so important to our primary learners and this is a great opportunity for our students to learn with their whole bodies and minds.”

The Virtual Diversity of Dance show will celebrate music, dance, and cultures from all over the world. Some cultures will already be familiar to our students, while others will be delighted with a new experience that can ignite a new curiosity and intrigue altogether.

Mazzarella said, “It's important that our students see themselves represented in our curriculum. It’s our responsibility as educators to present opportunities where students can make a personal connection to which they  may not be regularly exposed.” She continued, “Students will be inspired through participation to push boundaries and embrace diversity.”