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Taking the Classroom Outdoors

On a brisk fall morning, second graders and teachers from the Morse School took their classes outdoors. They spent the day at the Peabody Preserve in Sleepy Hollow connecting with nature. Some of the students don’t have the opportunity to walk in the woods and explore the world around them. The day provided them with that hands-on-experience.

Instead of just listening to a story about trees the children sat beneath them and then gathered leaves. During Art class, the youngsters traced their hands and used leaves to create “Nature Hands.” It was a beautiful day to have Physical Education classes outside instead of in the school gym. After warming up on the soccer field, the second graders played a rousing game of “Capture the Flag”. Students also took a few moments to look at butterflies in a beautiful garden. That provided them with another way to connect with the outdoors.

Morse first and second graders visit the Peabody Preserve once every Fall and also in the Spring as a regular part of their studies