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Students Learn the Art of Flamenco Dancing


First grade students from the WL Morse School know how to move. Today they learned how to perform a Flamenco Dance. Instructor Rebecca Thomas showed the students the proper steps of the traditional Spanish dance. “This opens them up to another culture,” said Thomas. “They learn about music, dance and rhythm. Movement is very important for young children.” 
Maureen Duffy is one of two teachers in the Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools Program (FLES) at Morse and John Paulding. She teaches Spanish and culture to kindergarten through second-graders, three times a week. The idea is to provide the students with a strong foundation for the Spanish language that they can take into middle school. 
The students have been reading and learning about Spain in class, but Duffy wanted them to have this hands-on experience. The Foundation of The Tarrytowns provided a grant to bring Flamenco Olé to the children. “They are getting involved and they are interacting with the culture. We want them to be excited about the language,” Duffy said. Each class will receive three Flamenco lessons.
Earlier in the week Ms. Thomas performed for the entire school, so the students would have a better understanding of the dance before receiving their own lessons.