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Estuary Investigation:

Second graders from W.L. Morse held on tightly to the seashells they discovered on the shore of the Hudson, the spoils of their morning at Kingsland Point Park. “I like how the sea shells show a rainbow,” said Lauren Taub as she marched with her class to another station Thursday at the Kathryn Davis Riverwalk Center.

Members of Teatown Lake Reservation conducted the estuary investigations and the children studied the Hudson as a landform and a habitat for plants and animals. They looked at a wooden model filled with mud that represented how the river formed and discussed the words climate and weather.  

The students went high tech putting their hands in a sandbox that had a special light to create the   illusion of a topographical map on the mountains they built. You could feel the excitement as they molded the sand.

Beachcombers walked along the shore discovering more about the body of water that is so close to home. Looking at his shells, Emmanuel Rodriguez said, “They are rare.”