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Saving The Monarch Butterfly:

You could hear the excitement in the Morse auditorium on September 21st, when parent Carol Vinzant released a Monarch butterfly with the help of first and second-graders. Known as everybody’s favorite butterfly, the black, orange and white insect could face endangerment and that is why Vinzant and parent Ginny Williams explained how the community can make a difference.  Monarch butterflies only eat a plant called milkweed and Vinzant said pesticides, global warming and severe weather have impacted the plant and the species over time.  

Families can help by growing milkweed, raising and then releasing the butterflies at home. Morse has even created a Way Station for Monarch butterflies right on school grounds. The butterflies can stop there for food before they journey across the country. Monarch butterflies are known to fly across country and to Mexico. Students watched intently as Vinzant fed and ‘tagged ’ a butterfly for tracking before it was set free.