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JP Students Visit a HS Science and Society Class

In February, Mrs. Zielinski, a high school science teacher, visited John Paulding to watch Mrs. Seti and Ms. Blueglass' kindergarten class build bridges out of cardboard, paper towel rolls, and tape. The students had to be able to pull a matchbox car over their bridge without it collapsing. They learned about different kinds of bridges, stability using triangles, and force. The students became comfortable with making mistakes and changing their plans after many trials. They learned to brainstorm ideas, develop and test their designs, refine them to make them better, and explain the process.

In June, Ms. Blueglass and Mrs. Seti took their Kindergarteners to visit Mrs. Zielinski’s Science and Society class. The high school students built truss bridges using only newspaper and tape. The kindergarteners had a chance to ask the high school students about their bridges. They held a contest to see which bridge would be able to hold the most weight. The kindergarten students voted on which bridge would not collapse.

We are looking forward to many more shared experiences next year!