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Meeting Wildlife Up Close

Third-graders from Washington Irving gasped when they came face-to-face and then touched a Black Rat snake during an assembly on December 11th, at their school.

Environmental Educators Maddy Schroeder and Elissa Schilmeister from Teatown Lake Reservation showed them several species of wildlife from the Hudson Valley and New York State as they explained the balance of nature.  

In addition to the snake the students observed a Tiger Salamander, a turtle known as the Diamond Back Terrapin, the American Kestral Falcon, Eastern Screech Owl and Virginian Opossum.

“There is a good chance that they may not be able to see these animals on their own,” said Schroeder. “We want to teach the children how to they can play a role in the environment.”

The students learned how the animals survive in their natural habitat and the role each animal plays in nature.