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Social Studies Challenge Night

You are Cordially Invited to

The Washington Irving

4th and 5th Grade

Social Studies Challenge Night

February 7, 6:30 pm


Theme: The Constitution


4th grade topic:

An Honest Look at the Founding Fathers

Students will take on the role of a number of the men who helped create the United States Constitution.  These men helped create one of the greatest governments ever known. Many of them acted out of deeply held principles.  But all of them were flawed as well…


5th grade topic:

United States Supreme Court Cases

The students will each present a concept or a case showing how the United States Supreme Court interprets the Constitution to decide whether or not an action or a law is in keeping with it.  Highly influential and even controversial cases will be discussed.


Together the 4th and 5th grades will show the origins of the Constitution, and how its meaning has evolved over time.