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Students Teaching Teachers: Sleepy Hollow High Students Teach Science to Columbia University Doctoral Students


Leana Peltier, a science teacher at Sleepy Hollow High School, accompanied four Sleepy Hollow High School seniors to Teachers College, Columbia University so they could attend one of her graduate classes. The four AP biology students, Antonio Soriano, Maggie Singman, Ana Hilario, and Gianna Johnson, designed and presented a lesson about diffusion and osmosis to master and doctoral students.


Ms. Peltier, who is also a doctoral student at Teachers College, hoped the presentation would display how students are capable of becoming experts in their field of study when provided the opportunity to collaborate and learn from their peers as well as time to understand the information they are presented.


Dr. Christopher Emdin, a professor at Teachers College noted that, “The quality of the presentation, the thoughtfulness in its delivery and overall brilliance were noted and deeply appreciated.”