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ELA Challenge

Fourth-grade ELA Challenge students completed a six-week project researching, writing and presenting the life of a person living in American Colonial times to the Washington Irving Community and the public.

Students got into character on Friday, Feb. 15th dressing as their chosen figure and telling his or her story.

They represented some well-known figures including George Washington, Betsy Ross, Anne Hutchinson and Daniel Boone as well as British and American  soldiers and even George Washington’s dentist.

Eliza Boozer selected Margaret Cochran Corbin who was the first woman to receive a military pension. “She did something no woman ever did before. She was brave enough to take over the canon when her husband died in battle. Her bravery paid off.”

Students researched their Colonial figure and then wrote a memoir about that person. They compiled important information, maps, and drawings and displayed the materials on a poster board.

“I am interested in British culture,” said student James Dauer who portrayed a British solider, “and I wanted to see the point of view from a British soldier during the Revolutionary War.”

ELA Challenge teacher Elisabeth Hickey guided the students who chose their Colonial figure. “This allows them to explore what they are drawn to and truly immerse themselves in the character. They investigate a figure and they have the opportunity to choose another person if they desire.”

The Colonial Age Challenge coincided with the fourth-grade Colonial Day also held on Fab. 15.