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Tri-M Music Honor Society Induction Ceremony:

The Tri-M Music Honor Society and Performing Arts Department Chair Micah Sprague welcomed approximately 20 new members on Thursday night during its annual induction ceremony.

 Vice-President Cameron Allan explained the history and significance of the Tri-M Honor Society to the audience. Tri-M recognizes students for their academic and musical achievements and is designed to inspire them to pursue music. The Honor Society rewards outstanding students for their accomplishments and service activities and identifies those who excel at music and leadership. 

Members also gain opportunities to showcase the District’s musical program and integrate it into the community.

Student performances included Lucy Rodgers - Tuba Concerto Movement III by Edward Gregson, Isabel Simon - Piece Concertante by Samuel Rousseau, Phoebe Neilson - Petite Valse by Andres Caplet, and Saya Aizeki-Nevins – the second dance from Two Mexican Dances for Marimba by Gordon Stout.  

The new members each received a membership card and a pin signifying their induction and recited the Tri-M Pledge as a group. They promised to foster a continued interest and excellence in music performance and appreciation and awareness in listening to music.  

The Sleepy Hollow Jazz Combo played during a reception for the members and their families. New members: Saya Aizeki-Nevins, Samantha Camacho, Thomas Coleman, Michael Gates, Arya Glenn Luke Green, Gianna Johnson, Katie Jones, John Lim, Ilan Meghelli, Zoey Millstein, Phoebe Neilsen, Symantha Outlaw, Ben Poret, Frankie Puleo, Anya Puri, Jack Taylor, Stella Vercesi and Caroline Yawman