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Choosing Kindness

Sleepy Hollow High School students danced in the aisles of the auditorium today as they listened to the world-renowned band called Flame perform in their school.

The performance was the culmination of a day called “Spread the Word to End the Word,” a movement to ban the “R” word. Special Education teacher Kim Kaczmarek said that word is not part of the culture at SHHS and the focus has shifted to kindness and inclusion. “This is a very accepting place. I want people to know that a disability does not define a person. You can look past that and see the individual.”

Flame is comprised of adults who all have different abilities. The group has traveled around the globe  spreading its message, but they enjoy coming back to Sleepy Hollow.

Manager Maria Nestle explained why, “The school is so welcoming and seeing the great response from students, we know that they are taking something home with them.”   

Throughout the day, students stopped by tables outside the lobby and the cafeteria and pledged to be kind. Kaczmarek also showed a video during homeroom that explained how it is not a disability but the perception of disability that affects how people view one another.