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Prom Panel

Sleepy Hollow High School seniors had a critical conversation about the consequences of using drugs and alcohol on prom night and during graduation season.

Ellen Morehouse, Director of Student Assistance Services, moderated the forum Tuesday which presented the health and legal ramifications for teens caught with illegal drugs in their limos and party vans, who use fake id’s, or are involved in non-consensual sexual activity. “I wanted to have time to have a serious discussion,” said Sleepy Hollow High School Principal Tracy Smith as the assembly began. “Even though you are having fun, you must be responsible.”

The panel of experts was comprised of Dr. Barry Geller, Chair of the Emergency Department at Phelps Hospital, Judge Kyle McGovern, Tarrytown Village Justice, Officer Jack Brito, Drug Recognition Expert from the Westchester County Department of Public Safety, and School Resource Officer Craig Kelly from the Sleepy Hollow Police Department.

Depending upon the scenario, students face felony charges if drugs are discovered at a prom checkpoint. “Your night is over, and you face serious consequences,” said Judge McGovern.

The potential for serious and even deadly results exists with alcohol consumption and drug use. The students were advised that they should call 9-1-1 if they see a friend is having an overdose. The Good Samaritan Law in New York State protects them from being charged and the call could save a life.

Students were warned again to never drive while impaired. “It is not only your own life that you are putting at risk but everyone around you,” said Dr. Geller.

Attending the Prom Panel was mandatory for seniors attending the Prom.

Gina Donahue, The Student Assistance Counselor at Sleepy Hollow High School organized the event.