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Spring Science Challenge

Sleepy Hollow students got some hands-on experience today building wind turbines and discovering more about renewable energy sources.

Fourth-fifth and sixth-graders worked in groups as they assembled motors and added blades to their machines.

“It is cool because you are making something that you usually don’t do at this age. This is rare,” said student Nicholas Lukanko.

Fifth-grader Sarah Bianchi found the project challenging. “I am interested in trying things in science, it is just exciting.

Vivek Gupta, a parent in the District, is a web strategist for Hitachi and said he was inspired by the fall Science Challenge Night. “The children want to learn about science at this age. They are open and to it.” Hitachi is also committed to the wind power industry and reaching out to the community.

First the students watched a brief video about wind turbines and were given some tips from Hitachi Engineer Michael Lubas. Science Department Chairman Jason Choi also assisted the students along with SHHS students.

Hitachi donated the wind turbine kits and after building the machines, fans were turned on. The students tested their turbines to see whether they had enough power to get light small light bulbs.