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Kindness Rocks

Second-graders from Morse walked through The Peabody Preserve in Sleepy Hollow on May 28, placing small rocks that they had painted around the property. Each kindness rock included a design and a word that sends a positive message.

Teacher Brenda Sutherland and Art Teacher Jeannette Dietz brought the national movement to the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns. #TheKindnessRocks Project began when a woman whose parents died left rocks on a beach to bring comfort to others. The idea has spread to schools, hospitals, and playgrounds.

Second grade teachers at Morse read books about kindness to their students and brainstormed a kindness word to bring to art class. The students chose words like love, caring, and happy.

Then they used paint markers to paint the kindness words on to the rocks and placed them along trails at Peabody.

“It is almost like a treasure for other classes and other grade levels to find and hopefully will inspire and brighten their day,” said Dietz.

Student Gabby Monachelli chose the word dream. “They keep on dreaming and they keep on trying, and trying,” she said.

Linus Schillinger wrote the word reciprocal on his rock. He said he wanted a word that encouraged other people to do something.

The Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom provided a grant for the supplies.