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Sleepy Hollow High School Science Symposium

Sleepy Hollow High School students immersed in the Science Research Program presented their findings May 29, during The 22nd Annual Sleepy Hollow High School Science Research Symposium.

 The research program allows students to explore a topic of scientific interest from mathematics, computer sciences, physical sciences, biological sciences or psychology.

 As part of their research, the students contact authors of  journal articles work with a mentor as they conduct analyses and make presentations of their findings to the class, the District, and regional and statewide conferences. 

“Every year at the symposium, I enjoy seeing the evolution of the students in science research, from the seeds of an idea in sophomore year to the fully developed project at the end of senior year,” said Science Research Moderator Michele Zielinski. “I admire the students’ ability to communicate their ideas to the community and engage in meaningful conversations related to their research.” 

Some of the topics presented by the students included: Differences in Time Perception and Perceived Control Amongst Adolescents and Adults, Environmental Factors Associated with Crohn’s Disease, The Effect of the Three Good Things in Life Exercise on Happiness, Empathy, and Well-being in Adolescent and Adult Populations, The Long Term Effects of Elementary School Dual Language Programs on High School Academic Achievement and Grit, Increasing Emotional Intelligence with Performing Arts and Reducing Stress in Adolescents Through the Use of Mindfulness.

 Co-moderator David Erenberg said, “The science symposium provides an opportunity for our science research students to show case all of their hard work to the community.”

 The students of the Science Research Class of 2019 dedicated the 2019 Science Research Symposium to Elizabeth Silver. Ms. Silver graduated from SHHS in 2016 as the valedictorian and inspired others with her work ethic. She is pursuing a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Connecticut. As part of the 8-year program, she will earn a BS and MD degree as she continues to use the skills she learned at Sleepy Hollow.