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Middle School Art Students Participate in NY State Portfolio Project

Congratulations to eleven of our SHMS eighth grade art students who participated in the statewide New York State Art Teachers Association Portfolio Project that was held at Ossining High School. This is the first year that our district participated in The Portfolio Project which was developed in cooperation with the New York State Education Department. The student portfolios are an authentic assessment tool that provides evidence of understanding and student learning in the visual arts.
Under the direction of SHMS Art educator, Andrea Harrison, each of the eleven Middle School students spent the entire year working on five ambitious pieces.  These included: a self portrait (likeness or symbolic); a "resource based" work inspired by another art movement/another curricular theme/another culture; a work derived from observation; and two personal "choice" pieces.  Each student wrote two essays-- a personal artist's statement as well as a discussion of the resource-based effort. Each facet of the 7 part portfolio was scored out of four points.
All of our students received the HIGHEST rating of "Distinguished" determined by grades within the 22-28 range.  We had perfect and near perfect scores.  Each student spoke about his or her art works and exchanged ideas with the adjudicators for 45 minutes. The adjudicators spoke highly of our articulatecreative students and we could not be more proud of them. Their hard work paid off!!!   
Julianne Arduino
Mihyang Belmonte
Angelica Cellan-Pillacela
Sery Duque
Julia Gold
Nazareth Marte
Karys McMurry
Ajsa Orban
Sophie Putter
Kade Riddle
Anthony Soria
student art work