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Full Circle

Thirty years ago, kindergarten teacher Mary Jo Daley started her journey in the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns as a second-grade teacher at W.L. Morse.

Daley said in her class was a very smart, happy boy named Moshe Cohen.  Fast forward to May, 2019… Daley’s son JD Daley, a Technology Assistant at Sleepy Hollow Middle School and Sleepy Hollow High School, came home from the Math and Science Honor Society Induction Awards Ceremony last month and said he was very impressed by one of the speakers.  You guessed it, it was Moshe Cohen!

With the help of SHHS Science Department Chair, Jason Choi, Daley reached out to Moshe. He offered to come in and work on a math project with her  kindergarteners.  On June 4, “Dr.” Cohen came in and engaged the students for two hours with a lesson on infinity.  Within the project he taught the students about Fractals - a pattern that repeats infinitely many times.  The class used shapes, even and odd numbers, and addition problems and incorporated patterns.  In addition to learning math, Cohen taught life lessons. “It’s ok to make mistakes and to learn from your mistakes.” He explained the importance of learning from each other and asking for help. Daley said, “The students were very excited.  It was a very rewarding afternoon.”

After graduating from SHHS,  Cohen went on to Binghamton University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He then received a master’s degree, and Ph. D in Mathematics from  Louisiana State University. He conducted a postdoctoral research fellowship in Israel and is currently an Assistant Professor at Vassar College. He will begin a career at SUNY New Paltz in the fall.