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Sleepy Hollow High School Outstanding Teacher Honored

An outstanding teacher from Sleepy Hollow High School was recently recognized by The Academy for Teachers. Thomas Rogers, who teaches English, was invited to participate in The Academy’s two-day master class, The Art of the Essay: Study and Practice, led by Princeton University professor of English, Jeff Nunokawa. Over the course of two sessions, the teachers examined classics of the essay form and then wrote essays of their own which the class discussed.

Teachers selected for Academy for Teachers master classes show passion for their subjects, creativity in their classrooms, and devotion to their students. “These teachers are exceptional,” said Sam Swope, president of The Academy for Teachers. “We only invite 18 teachers to each class, so being selected is a well-deserved honor for both teacher and school.”

One Fellow called this master class “exhilarating” and reflected, “Being in the company of intelligent, dynamic peers who were equally excited and enthusiastic, made me feel seen, recognized and valued ... I left with a renewed sense of kinship with and commitment to the teaching profession.”

The Academy's master classes bring outstanding teachers together with leading experts, intellectuals, and artists for a day of high-level instruction and inspiration, enabling teachers to return to their classrooms re-energized. New York City’s great institutions host the classes, joining The Academy for Teachers in proclaiming that teachers deserve the time and attention of our culture’s best and brightest.

Teachers invited to participate in a master class become Fellows of The Academy for Teachers and join a growing community of the metropolitan area’s strongest educators.