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Alumni Dialogue Day

Sleepy Hollow High School seniors had an opportunity today to learn first-hand from recent graduates about their transitions to college. Seven college freshman, along with two juniors, shared with students what it is like to acclimate to school, important considerations for transferring credits, strategies for making friends, and ways to get involved on campus. Students shared various perspectives, from those who started at a community college before moving to a 4-year program to those who play a varsity or club sport in college, to those who attend a private or state university. 
Students commented on how block scheduling helped prepare them for longer lectures, as well as how the diverse student population in the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns is representative of a college campus. Students also spoke at length about the social aspects of college and making new friends. Said one college freshman: "So many of us have had the same friends since kindergarten, so we're not used to putting ourselves out there. But you just have to." Another echoed her sentiment, advising students to "just keep your door open and walk out into the hall. That's how I met some of my best friends." Thanks to all of the participants and the Guidance Department for arranging the event.